23, Sydney AU


It's quite ridiculous, how much I feel for you. Ridiculous how someone should center my thoughts so much, ridiculous I'm already missing you. >;|

Gah fuck. Period pain acting up, I SHOULD REALLY SHOWER NOW.
Luuuurve. ♥

P.S. Am I being too graphic on my blog? : LOLOL
I refuse to believe that this was all our friendship had. You meant more to me than that.. I'd like to think that you still do. I'll stop being stubborn and get you back in my life.
So long as you're happy. :) If you think maybe you're happier without me, if you really think that then that's your choice.. But as far as I'm concerned I'm not giving up. :\ Hope that you feel the same way. Miss not talking to you. <3

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