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Happy Birthday Alice for yesterday! You are fucking adorable baby ;).

Haven't blogged in two days, wtfck is this aiyah. I can't wait for Camp, I have ADDMAT due and a one hour test at MATRIX tomorrow. -_- Suffice to say, I have a lot to do :(. Fucking cracked up today laughing about SuperWog and Qin annoying everyone about her stupid mosquito bite and all that jazz. ^_^ Also shared a yummy Meatball Subway with Hunny today, although I fkn dropped half a meatball and soiled my shirt -_-. That's what I get for asking for an extra meatball.. "Fucken Jew" he said. WELL THERE WERE LIKE FIVE ON ONE SIDE AND LIKE THREE ON THE OTHER MKAY.

Fucking hope it doesn't rain on Camp (3rd Jan - 5th Jan; no Bio tutor! Although that's prob my fave tutor class). I might cry if it does. TELL ME SOMEONE ELSE IS BRINGING A SUITCASE (other than Alice and I). D=

Listening to Baby by Justin Bieber, the Hated LOLOLOL. Everyone seems to hate him so much, but idk his song is not really that bad even though he's like fucking five years old or something LOL. (Actually no, I heard he's older than Anna? Not that she's exactly a grandma)
Aiyah, I'm such a faggg

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