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God life sucks. I swear, it's this weather LOLOLOL. I want to see some blue sky, goddamit.

I need to clean my room, and do my Society&Culture homework, and my MATRIX homework. Brittany Ghabrial was singing Sorry by SuJu (I think?!?!?! :( I put all Asians to shame) today in English because it was in a mychonny video, LOLOL. I still want to punch Ms Wynn in the face. What I really want right now is for dad to get out of the country, for all our homework to suddenly disappear and just fall asleep with William.

Must stay positive. :)

Also, Qin told me that a couple of people were reading my movie reviews on my blog and it ruined it for them, so I apologise for that if I've ever spoilt a movie, made you not want to watch it when you wanted to before (because of my views etc) or didn't enjoy it as much after you read my blog. Sorry, haha, from no on whenever I do a movie review I'll put a red heading at the top of each entry if I do LOL. :)


OMFG, my mum just literally almost popped her head off raging at me for losing a myer receipt. And then I called up Bardot and Rubi to see if I might have dropped it anywhere there when I went in after Myer. They were SOO helpful, full like searching for me and like even looking in the bins when I told them how 'important' it was to me and omfg. @_@ Turns out it was in my wallet, I called up the Rubi chick to thank her for assistance and ease her conscience LOLOL. (I think I sounded pretty upset on the phone) Argh, people are so nice. THANKYOU LORD for letting the people helping me out happen to be nice and bother in the first place. :D:D

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