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OUR FIRST "LOOK" ON LOOKBOOK.NU, KIDS FUCKEN ROFLMFAO. GO CHECK IT OUT. WE'RE PRETTY FUCKEN NOOB THOUGH :(. Seriously, wtf other people go out to like fucking hayfields and shit to take their f*cking photos and we have ..bathroom luvos.



I think a little explanation is due; Qin and I randomly though to get a LookBook account one day after Qin took a really AWESOME PIC WHICH SHE WONT UPLOAD while wearing Emerson's massive blazer, so that initially sparked our "haha wouldn't it be cool if we had a Lookbook account" thing. Then I think I wrote it on my blog and Lorraine read it and she had an account so she sent us an invite, so I actually made the account for the lulz and then yeah LOL went around asking Alice and Joan to model for us but Anna was the one who was actually bothered to take photos and send to Qin who showed me as a surprise and LOLOLOL here's the result. Odds are, this is probably going to die in a couple of months but meh WE'LL TRY TO KEEP IT ALIVE.

LOL we'resocool. (:

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