23, Sydney AU


Nickname/name: jess, yunnerz/Jessica
Age: almost sixteen (:
Birthday: 22nd February
Birthplace: Australiaaa, St George Hospital XP
Blood type: B
Height & weight: 156?! cm/fuck off kg
Eye color: I have been told it is a pretty light brown for an asian.
..As in the brown is pretty light, not it is pretty and light :|
Hobby: blogging, reading, talking, having fun.. shopping?
Special Skill: right.
Strong point: errrr .. um.. =s
Weak point: bad temper, not studying enough, being an immature brat, list goes on.
Habit: changing blogskins way too frequently

Please, tell us your favorite...
Brand: Erm.. I'll get back to you. OOH, KIKKI.K LOLOL
Color: black, grey, white, purple, baby pink, baby blue
Saying: I'm sure all the white kids in my grade could think of plenty for me XD
Cigarette brand: ok buddy
Place (/place you go to have fun): William's house ;) LOL, just joking.. City, hursy, whatever, depends on the people :).
Type of men/women: They HAVE to make me laugh. If they don't make me laugh then there is no way it is going to happen.
Food: lol are you serz? Asking ME this question?
..dumplings lol 8D eating them now :3

What’s the most recent thing you’ve bought? pasta sauce
Where would you like to go? Hm.. Anywhere my friends are
Please tell us your daily routine: 5/7 is waking up, trying to postpone getting out of bed as long as I can, get up, brush teeth, change, etc etc, walk to station, do all the schooley things from 8-4, maybe bum at hursy, go home, do homework, eat, shower, read or something, sleep.

How do you get rid of stress? Raging on my blog
When was your first love? Some time during the end of 2008
Please tell us your secret! I am a man. Haha sucked in William
What’s a recent personal rule you’ve set for yourself? STUDY MORE, PAY MORE ATTENTION IN CLASS -____-!
Please tell us one weird fact about yourself! I only sleep in my undies :\
What do you wish to come true? My friends, family and I to be happy all during our life, and for only good things and experiences to happen to us and make us better people. :)
Is there something you collect? Mmm.. Frankie? XD

What artist do you like? Belle Fung :P
What band do you like? I sort of like solo singers or w/e better haha
Currently what song do you recommend? Selfish - Asia Cruise
And what album do you recommend? Glee soundtrack. :) *hint hint*


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