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Watching: Mulan in Chinese. It's better than the English version XD.
Supposed to be: not distracted :(.

SO I HAD LIEK THE WOST FRICKEN DREAM THIS MORNING @_@. I had a dream that whatever I did I kept getting fkn accused for things I just didn't do.. My dad was there & Mr Chapple was there and it was the worst ever. And then we were eating lunch with atesum - er, ninjanine - and I started like tearing up and crying and they just laughed about something and it was like I didn't exist and omgd. And then idno maybe William turned up with another chick in his arms and was like seeya Jess and I was like WTF IS THIS.

Oh fuck >;(. Worst dream ever. Srsly. I didn't realise how much I was bent up about uniform until I had an actual dream about it.. And like six hours before the dream my dad was telling me off for not handing in homework and then I called Dr. Du, and THEY were the ones who mixed homework & marks and shit up and I wasn't really the wrong one and my dad was lke, Still, You Have To Fix Your Attitude Because They Said If This Happens Again Then We Don't Want You.

I DON'T FKN GET IT CAUSE THEY'RE ALWAYS SO NICE WHEN THEY'RE TALKING TO ME :@. I wanted to make Chem an opportunity to show Dr. Du that I wasn't irresponsible and that I can have a clean record and not fuck things up -_-. But by the looks of it they're pretty much just about fed up with me.


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