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Currently: watching Biggest Loser, and what I was doing eating a cheese sandwich I don't know LOLOLOL

Today was.. what was today? A really, really long day.. :\ Some people thought it went really really fast but to me it seriously just seemed to drag on forever. At one point I was so excited about going home that in third period, when the bell rang I just packed up my stuff and sprinted out of the room and realised everyone was going to the canteen, not the school gate. Arghhh lgieajlajlajl so pissed. :(

One thing that was a perk though was that I saved $40 on school books, bought them off Rocky's friends instead of buying them from the supplier.. But fuck me, the new books seem so much prettier but I've been assured that they're pretty much exactly the same thing so that's a relief. :\ I hope that Mr Sherley works from the old textbooks, because I bought them and if he has the new ones then I might be screwed LOLOL. Fuckah me ah gong. I hate the weather, fkn piece of shit dick fuck.

I have Matrix tomorrow T_T I haven't even done some of the questions.. I plan on doing them later on tonight/tomorrow morning and work hard hard hard on it cause I simply suck too much. Fuck me, I don't know how this happened, argh. And I have fcking bio camp on Monday&Tuesday.. I really hope that the weather isn't being a bitch because I don't want to look up fucking specimens in the rain. My blog should go down on FML. T_T"

In the afternoon today we were all heading home from Westfield when some white people from school saw us, and saw me holding hands with William and they started like screaming and bla bla like OMG YUNNERZ YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND ETC full trying to take photos and everything, LOLOLOLOL it was funny watching William's reactions and things like that AHAHA. Hes so cute LOL. I went to his house today, and he drove me home! LOL man I wish I could record what he says when he's driving, full abusing P-Platers and shit when he himself is an L plater the sillybilly. XPP

Ooh and I bought a new cleanser from the Body Shop and a Natio 'young' line Pore-Unclogging Scrub. THEY BOTH SMELL SO NICE MAN AAARGH CAN'T WAIT TO USE THEM I'm so retarded~

Have a lovely weekend everyone! <33

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