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Currently blogging from William's house.. Big mistake. Should have actually stayed home and done some fricken work instead of coming over and falling asleep, like, instantly because of the staggering sweltering heat and staying for dinner (in which I tried a gherkin for the first time. If you've ever seen one, you'll understand what I mean by First Time.. they don't exactly present an appealing picture to eat, but they're actually quite nice o.o). T.T William sleeps like a tank AHAHA. Not really but I'm sure he does.

- Shower
- MATRIX Maths homework (!!!!!!)
- Bio Quadrat worksheet
- Valentine's Present
- School Maths homework
- Read Existentialism notes
- Go over Chem notes; missed class
- Me, Myself & I assignment

Oh my God. I can't even cross anything off that list. All I've done today is watch She's the Man with Lynn, watch Chamber of Secrets with Joan and sleep with William in the literal sense. :| Fuck, his room is so hot laajefa. And now he's telling me all these WoW jokes from his application on his iTouch. SHUT THE FUCK UPPPPP.

Going home soon, thank gawd.

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