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Today, the cotton clouds looked so beautiful against the watercolour blue sky that I actually kind of teared up in Lynn's car looking at it. I know -_-, I'm so ..weird, but I really just adore simple things like that. It isn't someone making me happy, or someone buying me anything, or seeing a happy smile on a stranger's face, but it was a present from Mother Nature herself.. And something that came from within me. I know this probably sounds like a load of shit but it if you could have seen it..

I wish I were on a hill with lots of tall grass and lying on a rug and staring at the sky or some other equally cliche scene from a storybook. It was really what I felt like and I wanted to go to a little cottaeg and swim in a river and eat scones (???) every day or something, like bloody Anne of Green Gables.

Being stuck in a boxy classroom for the better part of three hours was not my idea of spending a day :(. I did go shopping after tutoring, though.. And I've noticed that I have too many black clothes, aiyah. D= I wish my mum was there or something so I could buy this white blouse I wanted and all these other shirts LOLOL. And yeah.. Going shopping after school on Tuesday and just gna fucken buy the entire range of Miss Shop (not. I am not skinny enough for like 4892392030 low cut singlets).. FUCKEN EXCITED FOR CAMPPPP ARH DIU.

How was everyone's day today? :)

P.S. I have my fringe pinned back and my hair high up in a pony tail, I look strange LOL.

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