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First thing I do when I go onto blogger.com and it asks me for my username and password. GASPSHOCKHORROR!, claerly proof that I have led such a busy life lately I haven't had time to update my blog :(. HOW IS EVERYONE? ♥ I hope everyone's feeling good & the weather hasn't been dragging them down :D! I was so f*cking stupid, woke up this morning and saw the grey sky and assumed that it would be cold or something. How wrong I was. It's weird when it rains and you sweat, it just doesn't feel right.

Waaahh, so much to say, so hard to put it in words. Matrix was epic, epic good, except the bit where I had to take the train home. In total, my travel time took over an hour which I was not happy about. Luckily today though I went shopping and I feel relatively better. ;) Bought cheap black flats from Rubi, I guess that shop has a use after all ROFLMFAO.

& then I went to bardot or something and spied a sexy necklace bow and I wore it and it was heaps cute and I bought it, but then when I looked at the receipt I found out it was supposed to be a headband -_- Argh, I'm so stupid LOLOL. Then I bumped into Colin who wanted me to walk him to fucking Aldi the dickhead and fuck that my feet are so tired AHAHA.

I wish I could remember the - OH YEAH, Brittany Ghabrial told me that she reads my blog, I was like WTF LOLOL.

Hope this fucking weather gets better omg. -_- Bio camp is going to suck major cocks if it doesn't. And I have to think of a V-day present (haha, vagina day) for William..

..that isn't anything physical


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