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Baby I feel like I'm holding back my love for you, like I can't express how much I really love and care about you because you would find that clingy, like I'm giving you 70% of my love but I could actually give so much more. It does hurt a little but I've learnt to take care of it now, through experience it doesn't hurt as much if I don't care as much, if I pretend that you're not really rejecting my love; I just need to learn how to love you the way that makes you happy. Besides, I find if I don't cling, you pay more attention to me, so that's okay.

I don't want you to be too confident about my love for you. Once in a while, I'd like you to chase me back too. Not because you know I want you to, but because You want to.. My heart feels like a magnet that's been pushed and pulled and somehow still manages to find it's direction,

Towards you.

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