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Yesterday was Belinda's birthday and it has been one of the funnest birthdays I think I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Although Lorraine and Lynn weren't there :(, we all had a really good time watching Princess & the Frog, eating popcorn, going swimming (I fucking walked around in my underwear and when I was putting my clothes on [outside] these people walked past and I freaked out omg. FML), sauna-ing, watching the rocks sizzle when I splash water on it :D, eating orgasmic food, showering in Belinda's orgasmic bathroom (that is One Sexy Bathroom.), eating pretty good cheesecake o_o coming from a girl who doesn't like it, spending an hour wrapping Belle's presents from the night before and being super-proud, going kikki.K & Smiggle and buying stuff, wet butts, making videos, Alice stacking it and laughing; coming home (man this is a really long sentence.) from Belle's party & going to one of the best family dinner's I think I've ever had (my dad didn't rage at me) and smiling all the way home. And taking photos.

Oh and I got a haircut.


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