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Status: Currently in dire need of a shower. -_- Like, dire dire need.

Last night was Deanne + Sarah + Stephanie's 16th @ some Kogarah Reception Lounge thing which was kind of a typical party .. with like, dancing, and stuff.. That I never get invited to LOLOL. The beginning was a bit weird because it was really bright out and like I couldn't take the dancing seriously because - like dude, the sun's still shining and everything it just feels weird.

Anyways, after a while it got better but for the majority of the night we (ie. Lynn, Qin, Anna [left after like half an hour], Joan, Colin and William) just sat around doing nothing at all and it was kind of boring. I wish they would have put on better music, seriously.. We don't ALL listen to fcking trance.

Blah, I hope the birthday girls had a good time though. :) (I only knew one of them.) I think the biggest shock of the night was seeing Belle there, with Jessie, and we were like WOAH WHAT THE FUCK LOLOL! And Belle left even later than we did ;D (Which was like, 11 30, or something.)

Before that though we went to Jordan's place (since it was already in Kogarah anyways) and we turned into a choir for a while and just sung to his guitar LMFAO. And ate his food :D Hehehe thanks Jordan for letting us be nuisances XP"

Blah. I think I'm going to go friggen shower soon. I feel like crap. Joan and Lynn came over for sleepover hence we went pretty much straight to bed. @_@

So fucking pissed. I feel like I have seriously wasted so much of my holidays. So fucked, argh. School tomorrow. Fuck my life. NOW.

I hope everything goes fine for us darling. I love you (:

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