23, Sydney AU


After Qin & Joan's tutor today (WOO, school starts Thursday not Friday FUCKYEAR) we ate at (fkn) Diamond Cafe (you know, the one next to Morning Glory that like every single asian goes to?) with Kristy, Tony (hi) and JC and fuck me whole the food there is like so expensive I almost exploded. And Kristy the silly billy wanted me to pay for her drink and I was such a nice friend so I did LOL. (Biggest mistake she didn't even drink it omg LMFAO.) And afterwards, against my better judgement, I decided to go with William, Colin, Jimmy and Nathan and Qin to South Hurstville to drink a little as an ending celebration to holidays or something like that.

So we trekked to South Hurstville park and it was so boring, I swear LOL. Got bitten unnecessarily by a few mosquitos I think and it suckeddd. It was all dark and scary and freaky and shit at the park and I think Colin remarked 'Man this is like a typical horror movie.' I agreed D=

Ooh I hear fireworks.

Anyways we all went home after that LOLOL, back to William's house (we both ph@il so hard.. ;_;) and after a bit William's dad drove Colin and I home. He drives like a bloody maniac.

Happy Australia Day, everyone, not that anyone I know really gives a shit ROFL. ♥


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