23, Sydney AU


Man I would totally just like buy a sewing machine and edit the shit out of my clothes. It's like changing a blogskin, I guess, except it's a piece of clothing and more people care about what you wear than what your online rants look like.

I hate dresses that are too long for me and reach all the way down my knees because I'm too short, but I'm tall sideways so I simply have to buy the big size. :( I'm thinking of changing it into a blouse or a bubbledress or something when my usual tailor comes back from her holiday. :D As of now I have to tuck the bloody thing into my shorts -.- Zee zee zee, hate being short. T____________________T (AND I have to be fat too fkn oath I like wreck every photo with my disproportioned body.)

Hope today ain't hawt. ♥


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