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I watched The Lovely Bones today with Jimmy, Anna, William, Qin and Nathan (Jimmy kept telling us to Shut The Fuck Up; as usual Anna and I were making comments about the movie & what was happening LOL) and as I was quite looking forward to the movie, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not leave the movie feeling disappointed (like I was with Where The Wild Things Are. I changed my mind about that movie, it's not all that bad, but there were a few too many elements about it that I didn't like. WAY too violent. But let's not talk about that now XD). Granted, the murderer (Mr. FUCKING Harvey - biggest pedo ever) did not die the way he should have deserved to die (he fell down a hill thing.. He should have been like fucking tortured or something after murdering like eight girls ffs) but otherwise it was a really good movie.

I haven't had a movie that's made me hang off the edge of my seat in a really long time.. There were at least, like, three scenes where I gripped Anna/William becuase I was fucking afraid of what would happen LOLOL. I rekon it was directed exceptionally well, except for some of the really fkn trippy bits where she's hovering in the bit between Earth and Heaven and can see everything that happens to her family and stuff when she dies.

I really want to see how the book was, and how different/similar it was to the movie.. I'll have to add that to my booklist. :) I give that movie a.. 8.9/10, 9 is a little too high but it's better than 8.5 LOL. I really encourage you guys to watch it!, it has a little bit of everything; thriller, death/murder, 'love', humor, etc. It really, really really was a good movie.

After that we went to Hungry Jacks (I'm so stupid, I bought a Sundae and a small fries for $4.20 when a fucking stunner deal which had those two things AND a burger, and a drink ffs was $4.95 so I got that instead LMAO) and went to the most hilariously fugging fail K I've ever been to. I don't think anyone sang an entire song properly LMFAO. XDD Went home afterwards. (:

Anna owes me $10 ayah, I went home with liek $3 left in my wallet after $60 OMFG ==

Fuckinglovetheweatherafter6oclockomfg. ♥

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