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I fucking miss the days when we used to have conversations that would go on and on and on and on and on. I miss the days when our first conversation lasted until like 4 in the morning. I miss the days when I felt like I was super special to you and you said all this corny gay shit that I really loved because it meant I meant something to you, which meant something to me. I miss the way you used to get a little nervous around me. I miss the way my heart sped faster when I saw your face.

I definitely won't miss these days, where we have nothing to say to each other and it feels like there isn't a reason we should be together.

I wonder what happened, and how we got this way. A million questions are spinning through my mind, but you don't seem to be interested to hear it.. Not even interested enough to ask. And I don't understand why you wont, even if you were dying to know. Which you probably arent.

(Wow, this isn't trippy at all)

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