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Mood: Tired. So damn tired.

I seriously could not drag myself out of bed today, man. -_- Sigh :( even so, I ended up at the trainstation early, and could have afforded to wait for Mum to give me money before leaving the apartment. Gah, had to live on cucumbers and chips and more cucumbers today.

Some parts of the day were so boring, too. Like Mr Edwards speech about English and Year Eleven and all that blahblah was so OMFGzz-worthy, I had to try to keep my eyes open.. And in Maths we missed like half the lesson because someone was fixing the board or something like that I don't know, a cable was stolen LOLOL. But yeah omg I can't believe we have maths every fucking day, I do not know what I was thinking choosing EXTENSION. Fuck. Did you know Lorraine has 5 free periods over a fortnight? Fucking slut, why would you even come to school in the first place >;(.

School is getting better and better. I find myself paying attention and starting to (however minimally) absorb information into my brain.. Although chemistry is still one big mystery to me. Got our Biology camp notes today, argharghargh. :( They put Roll on Insect Repellent as OPTIONAL in the list of things to bring. Fucking as if optional. That's like the most important shit there bitchez. T_T"

Classes like Society and Culture I actually quite enjoy, but it was short lesson today =( Maths seemed short too, and I was on the verge of falling asleep in there but luckily the bell rang and I suddenly regained my energy :D. Then after school we kind of bummed around and LOL Lynn was so cute and needed to borrow a dollar off Qin hehe. That reminds me I owe Colin $5 for that delicious kebab I bought today =) OMNOMNOM YUMMEH. <3 And later everyone went home and I went with William to buy his 'guitar', which I thought was a silly idea at first but if he really wants to do it then I suppose I'll (have to) support him. XD

I have fkn maths homework already and I need to cover my Biology book and I need to RING.MATRIX. Fuck. Class starts tomorrow and I'm STILL not sure if they've responded to my f*cking email.

LOVE YOU ALL, HAVE A LOVELY LOVELY WEEKEND GUYS. Mine's going to suck, I have tutoring on both days (I think) and I haven't even read half - a quarter - of the booklets John told us to read. Argh. Bye. ♥


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