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Mood: Meh (: Smelling the smell (..??) of dumplings been gently cooked. Fuck yeah.

So I failed to blog yesterday because I spent the night at Jess Tran's~! And despite the fucking long-as-balls trainride there (took an hour flaejflafjal omg next time she can come to Hurstville), it was so nice to see her and spend time with her again. Hanging out with her was really really just.. fun and effortless ♥ She picked me up at Yagoona station (roflmfao @ the name. It's near Bankstown for people who have no fecking idea where that is) and took me to her house through an alleyway that had a public toilet and said to me, quite casually, "a girl got gangraped there." I practically ran away until I got tired because the weather is fucking chat and made me feel lethargic.

Then I tried to find where her house was and that just failed LOL and I met her sisters, and one of them is really scary and doesn't really say much and the other one says a lot but was on the whole really nice & helpful. :)

First thing I did when I got there was like, attempt to make lemonade.. Which fucking failed, but she has these AWESOMO ICE CUPS that are FUCKING COOl and from ikea and I am SO GOING THERE SOME TIME SOON OMFG, I love homemaker stuff. Jess was so surprised and I think she called me a mum or something but who cares waht she says?, since she's a granny anyway and wears cardigans and loafers. :p


Back. Man that was good. :)

Anyways, we took photos and ate migoreng - well, I cooked and Jess failed. Seriously, do you know how she 'cooked' the noodles? She puts them in a bowl and then puts boiling water in the bowl and puts a plate on top and just waits for the noodles to soak in the water and heats it up. My god it tasted so chat. -.-" LOL, and she can't cook an egg (well she says she feels really, really uncomfortable doing it).

Then we built a fort (ish) and watched some show called Wipeout Australia where they have contestants and obstacle courses and if you win you get money and we were laughing at them. XD and later on Jess' mum came back with a whole bag of KFC and we watched more TV and Facebook surfed and went out to take photos and watched Jurassic Park (good movie XD.) aaaaaand yeah. :)


Edit: Okay, I'm bothered now. LOL Jess hit me for forgetting to bring all my DVD's that we were gonna watch but I don't really know why she was complaining, because she has a whole fucking like cupboard of DVDS, yeah, so we just watched Funny People after Wipeout Australia and oh my gosh the best bit in it was when like ALL these big names came out like Ray Romano and Eminem (squeal!!!). Ahh so cute. :) HEHEHE.

Um, what else.. We took so many photos and made each other laugh, and just talked, and it was so easy to talk with her and I think I already mentioned that AHHAAH. We talked till 2 am and woke up at 9 am.. Jess was liek WHAT?! LOL. Pretty soon we were jetting to the station where she was going to go study (Jess: yay!!!! study!! Me: wtf *giving her dirties) with a couple of friends at the State Library (which I have never been, I needa gooooo.) And I was kind of nervous to meet her friends at Yagoona station because I thought it would be like infinitely awkward, some short chubby girl wearing way too many clothes for summer next to this like, freaking sunflowers-jellybeans-rainbows vibrant girl next to me and I was like shit :(. But then it wasn't like, as awkward as I thought it would be and soon everyone was laughing and stuff ahaha XD

She kept meeting people she knew at the station .. after like, the fourth, I just went and sat down by myself and waited for her to finish. Fuck me, she has too many friends, sigh. Like, people on lookbook.nu and tumblr and shit recognise her at parties and go up to her and she's always getting really surprised and stuff whenever it happens, but I really don't since she is like freaking royalty ...on the internet HAAHAH. Aw I love that girl so much (:

Anyways, at Sydenham Station she met another one of her goddamn friends, but this time this guy kind of not really okay I don't think so at all knew me too! LOOOOOOL It was really random but he gave me a hug, so sweet. D= Okay I'll give you an idea of what he's like.. He is like aruna X Max from Tech LOL! He looks so surfie it's not funny and he has a fro and he was so nice ahahah (: But then they had to go so this other dewd Dennis and I took the train to Hurstville, and it was rly weird cause we only talkd about music but oh well LOL he was nice. :)

And I was pretty happy, by then, even though I felt really stuffy and muggy and really had to eat something, because I made some friends (ish), and it kind of made me feel like I wasn't that much of a social failure as I thought I was. So that was really nice (: The entire sleepover was just really nice.. except I got really intimidated by Jess' parents but er yeah lets not talk about that LOL.

Bye :) I love you. ♥


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