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Mood: Zee zee zee, hating this heat. Makes my face so fckn oily and I have to keep washing it. And I sweat, omg.
Eating: a blue Allen's Snake♥ is hanging out of my mouth right now LOL.

For a lack of a better word, today was what you would call a Pretty Eventful First Day Back To Schoo. (hehe, ke$han, hope ya read this) First there was the whole new students thing, the new uniform thing, the new waking up at fucking 7 40 in the morning again thing, the new classes/teachers thing, the new I'm going to be in Lynn's every class except for English and Maths thing.

And, of course, slipping back into old routine.. Back to old days walking past a mirror and hating (well, if not hating, intensely disliking) what I saw because my school shirt was too big on me, seeing all these kids run around school and taking our spots (fcking year sevens.), having to actually wait to eat lunch (sad face. I usually eat whenever it takes my fancy, there is a track from my computer towards my fridge, I swear.), new faces..

..and, to be quite honest, the slight feeling of over-crowdedness on the random table we sit on at the disoriented-looking quad down at bottom school. :\ I definitely don't mean to be mean (lulz) or rude or anything like that but I feel like I've been with atesum so long, and it's always just been us (plus Ke$han sometimes randomly and things like that) that it feels a little strange. We were kind of only expecting one new addition but then I saw Lisa-from-primary's face and I was so shocked. And her & Nitasshe (<3) had been going to the same high school together previously so they knew each other, and they both hung out with us. :)

I really hope they manage to have fun with us though, and not think we're too weird or too cold or whatever they might think :(. It's just gonna take a bit of time to adjust and I hope everyone falls into a place that they're happy with. (:


Maths with Mr Sherley - a blast, but he's a teensy bit intimidating. Must watch out for him, and I really get the feeling that I can't slack off with him at all. Aish.
Chemistry with Mr Cantor - I fell asleep in the beginning, his voice was so hypnotically droney and boring. But I think he's a pretty nice-tempered teacher and everything so no problems there. When we started discussing the Chem Quiz he had handed out to us Nathan answered a question with his fobby glasses on and argh he sounded so smart. TT^TT I was like QQing after class after that LOL. Talked to him on msn just then, he really is smart. =(
»» nAtHaN ¤→『★ o(≧∀≦)o | says:
*well when i hear information
*i filter out the stuff that we're obviously
*wont get tested on

jesth says:
»» nAtHaN ¤→『★ o(≧∀≦)o | says:
*or i just dont pay as much detail
- ` * jess lyn ♥ weiLian _ * .. » jesth.blogspot.com says:
*how do u know though
»» nAtHaN ¤→『★ o(≧∀≦)o | says:
*like i know the outline of it
Woe, man.
Society & Culture with Mrs Miller - she is so sweet and motherly and argh so .. Well I'm not gonna call my teacher cute LOL. But seriouslyy she could like break bad news to me and I would still like her. :D She seems enthusiastic about the class in her own quiet, friendly type of way, it's so hard not to like it. (:
Biology with some Mrs Wynn - was at Peer Support LOL.

Don't even get me fucking started on Peer Support, argh. I was being the biggest retard in the hall and felt so damn sorry for any of the kids who would have Willow & I.. turns out I needn't have worried, most of our kids are Asian anyway and argh when they talk I can hardly hear them and I tried threatening them with a punch/no lollies if they didn't talk up LOL. After it started raining. Just made my day yo. T.T"

(Finally) bought my school books at the newsagency and came back to the haven that I call home. ♥ Luckily, though, I had a lot of laughs during the day and that made it so much better. :)


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