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Up In The Air - George Clooney, middle-aged hot blonde chick, Jessica from Twilight & Mark someone from Hancock, Juno, etc. And more.

Watched this today with Nathan, Colin, William and Qin, I guess it's a pretty okay movie. Lynn came in halfway through and missed .. half, I guess. o_O

Anyways, I think this movie could probably be subject to a little bit of controversy because of the job that Clooney's character has in the movie, which is basically that he fires people from companies of all over the world because their bosses are too chickenshit/don't know how to do it (?). [Not quite sure why their own bosses can't do it. -_-] Anyway yeah. He lives a really like, 'empty' life and he's really sort of.. Satisfied with it until he meets this chick who is like a girl version of him (hot blonde chick) and Natalie, a young female trying to revolutionise the company by implementing new strategies etc. of how to nicely tell people that Their Job In The Compay Is No Longer Available.

In a way it was slightly moving - no real tear jerkers, though - because of the reactions that people had when they were told that they were fired. It was so.. real, and quite sad, when you see grown up men in their 50's and 60s crying so openly and vunlerably.. ): Makes you really hate Clooney's character, who is (of course) a selfish dick who only thinks about getting 10mil miles and lives at the airport. But then he becomes a better person bla bla bla and yeah.

It's worth watching though, I suppose, so go out and see it guys tell me what you think ! :)

Anniepengs tomorrow WOO. Lynn and Qin aren't ho-ing it up, I hope other people are, argh. I don't want to fucking be the only one turning up there looking like a goddamn prosti. -_-


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