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So, did I tell anyone how much I am looking forward to school. NOT. Fuck. I know spending my days like this ("this" i.e. doing nothing) is really bad and I REALLY have to fucking start reading that bloody textbook John printed off for us to read during our Summer holiday and I really need to fugging go to Matrix and enrol and OMG, I need to clean my room and buy my books and go change my shirts to a smaller size and omfg, there are so many things I should/need to do and I'm not doing it and I STILL need to go buy more summer clothes but other than that I don't do much and I'm not lookin gforward to school cause then I'll be so sorely missing the holidays and wanting the freedom that I have now and thinking Why Didn't I Treasure It.

T_______________T I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.

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