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ANNIEBABY'S (O, and Sam's) 18TH:

LOL, anniepengs was great! Met up at the station (Lynn didn't come over XD) at 12, went to the city and went to Woolworths to buy stuff for the hotel~ After that we went to eat sushi train where William pissed me off so much argh, remained like that for like the rest of the damn day. Qin, Lynn & I taxi'd it to the hotel where the guys walked there afterwards, wooo. [: Chilled out for a little bit before picking Anna up @ Darling Harbour.. fuck me, had to be pretend to be my mum and talk on the phone with Anna's mother so that her mum would let Anna stay or w/e. Q_Q was shitting my pants. I hope they never talk to each other ever again. >_<

Lala, went down to the pool, just girls XD Lynn & I didn't go into the pool but fuck me dead the StarCity hotel pool is to.die.for. I cannot even begin to explain how fucking epic sexy that damn pool is. Imagine those supercool pools at those supercool hotels with those supersexy models, right? Then just replace the supersexy models with random screaming kids and downsize the pool a little (I mean it wasn't a huge bloody lake, but you know, it made the cut.) and there's StarCity pool. :) Needless to say I think we all fell in love that day. (Oh man <3)

Bla bla I guess we got ready to go Anniepengs, which was a BLAST!, really fun, everyone dancing & shet :D hahaah MAN there was like this couple who were playing strip poker and they just remained in their underwear for the rest of the day. X_X one person dacked the guy when he was in his underwear & omg the whole room saw his ass, I will never be the same again ;_; LOL. And yeah, it was fun but jz wg & NatHan went to play pool next to CEO.. I didn't even know that they left until Anna came & told me. -_- and we didn't talk for like the entire evening, sighz.

After the party (THANKS Anniepeng & Sam for hosting it woo~!) we were walking home through Darling Harbour, and I pulled William back to the end of the group.. And I talked to him and stuff and sigh I guess it got a bit emotional :(. But it was okay afterwards, he took me to the wharf thing at Darling Harbour (so sick of saying that name LOL) and we just sat there and looked at the sights and stuff and I was really really happy. ♥

But good things don't last forever~ >< I don't even think William and I were even there for like 15 minutes before we had to leave, so we made our way to the hotel and Colin and Anna came to pick us up. And there was this like drunk guy who got on the lift as well and like LOL he was all red and everything. XD

Went back to hotel room everyone was eating noodles LOL XD And for the rest of the night we all just hung out and ate food and watched Simpsons on TV and played scrabble, and then at like 2am in the morn when we all sort of decided to sleep everyone started speaking Chinese planning to draw on Anna's face when she was sleeping LOL. It was fucking epic, drawing on her face was too dangerous and so we just ended up drawing like five dicks on her leg and she twitched so much AHAHA, didn't even rub it off the next day and she was walking around in SHORTS, LOLOL. Aahhh, good times. XD

Next day everyone was stoned as shit and we spent like half an hour trying to find somewhere to eat and ended up going to some dodgy communal Chinese noodle house thing where the wonton noodles were so bad. T_T Blah. Whatever~ Went home after that. Took the most satisfying shower evarrrrr.


Today went city & Miranda for school textbooks & whatnot with ze lovely 'Joan5'. (i.e. Joan, Lynn, Qin, Alice and I.) It was a really nice day :) And Alices mum drove us home at the end LOLOL, so funny.
Jess: So Joan, what's the colour of your new car?
Alice's mum: Bee Em Dubblew!
Jess, Joan: *cracks up*
Lynn: wat

SO HOT TODAY TOO. T.T And now it's freakin' storming. Hope everyone had a lovely-tastic day :)

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