23, Sydney AU


OH OH OH! I almost forgot to mention thy highlights of thy day 8D

  1. I got 88% for my maths topic test! FUCKKK MEEE OH YEAHHHH. Stupid Alice (well.. not really) got 100% which kind of brought me down a little bit but she's in 2nd math set so it's to be expected hehe. :) Anyways I'm pretty happy. v(^o^)v
  2. LOL at Belle. Qin was singing Bossy by Kelly Rowland (? LOL) today and she was singing it the way Kelly (?) sang it, e.g. "I'm bawseh!" And Belle was all like, what's bawseh and we're all like, BELLE YOU NOOB LOLLLLLLLL.
  3. Tricking Ron and Andrew today and watching them try to find us. Mann.. that was hilarious. 8D

YAH BREWS. (Y) CANT WAIT TO GET DRUNK TOMORROW (in k! LOLZZZZZZZZZZ. ie Unlikely -.- Sigh I'm too much of a chickencrap ):

Also, lowlights. -.-

  1. Fkn Keshan broke my pacer lid thingymajiggy. Sigh ;( I hate it when that happens. Oh well, 'snot like I can't replace it anyway LOL.
  2. Not seeing Will G + Lynn. ;( I hope Lynn can come tomorrow, tis quite gay how she misses out when we go out :\


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