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Days why reason sucked:

Fuck. I mean, Reasons why Day sucked:
  • Yesterday at Aquarobics I got my period and Ms Dixon thought it would be nice to put me (and four other of my friends) on a level because we were either sick or had our period (or in Qin's case she just cbb) so we couldn't swim. Omfg. This is not happening, since I'm already on a Level 2 since I was repeatedly late for like two weeks straight.
  • I smashed Qin's Thermos and created a dent in it now I have to give her food LOLOLOL.
  • Qin, William & Jamie (not that it really matters though LAWL) had a bad day too. :\
  • Literally so fkn low on cash its not fkn funny. I owe ppl money. But people owe me money so its okay :D
  • I have problemsss. BIG problems. Know what I mean ?????
  • Fringe is being a slut and hasn't grown yet. ;(
  • Computer got fixed, so all my shit and stuff is like everywhere, PLUS I lost all my cursors. Fuck. Fuck the computer for getting fucked up in the first place. This ALSO means that all of my music - ALL of my music - is back in iTunes. Meaning that I have to fucking delete the shit music. - O -
  • There were like a lot more reasons but I forgot.

Awmgawd. See I'm not even bothered to blog ;( Aaaahh~~

Tuesday was rather awesome though. Jigged Athletics Carnival and went to Qin's house to watch Bring it On and play around with her Polaroid instead. :)

LOL, Qin looks sad in like every photo and I look so shifty XD Joan HAD to smile .. How horrible is my regrowth? -_-

We took turns holding the camera :)

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