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Things I love about my Daddy:
  1. He lets me wear makeup and high heels.
  2. I know he loves me and he does praise me (ish) in front of guests, fam friends etc
  3. He surprises me and buys me with clothes and the like. The gesture, the thought of it warms my heart just when I think he very dislikes me. (ie. staying out late?, bad student, etc.)
  4. I think he's going to be mad at me but then he's surprisingly lenient and understanding.
  5. Gives good, comforting hugs.
  6. He gets home late, so when I stay out he's not home yet DOHOHO.
  7. (Sometimes) doesn't pick up the phone when I call. That's a good thing, means I don't have to talk to him XD

Things that I don't love so much about Daddy:

  1. Sometimes, he just doesn't understand. And I can't say this or else he'll yell at me more.
  2. Asks me to get off computer when I'm doing something important like .. msn and stuff LAWL.
  3. Comes home late.. even though this is a good thing I suppose .. but it turns me badder. :\ Mum can't control me lulz, it's only when she threatens to call dad <________<
  4. Rages. ;( Zzzz.
  5. Disapproves of William .. but then again he is my boyfriend so he has a point? But still. ;(
  6. Rages.
  7. Rages at my mum. D:

Things I love about my Mummy:

  1. She gives me what I want. :D Like money .. and buys me what I want.
  2. She protects me against daddy when he's angry and raging.
  3. I know she sacrifices so much for me and so much happiness because of her love for me.
  4. Puts me in front of her. Always~
  5. Tells me things about her that make me proud of her.
  6. On rareish occasions, I can talk to her. Like, really talk to her. And that makes me happy. :)
  7. Puts my daddy in a good mood which puts me in a good mood.

Things that I don't love so much about Mummy:

  1. She gives me what I want now. Not what I need .. And sometimes this isn't a good thing because she's spoiling me, indulging me.
  2. Nags me, annoys me a lot and treats me like a baby or a little kid who doesn't know jack. Sigh. I don't think she'll ever outgrow this trait. :\
  3. When dad comes home she suddenly becomes a be-a-good-girl-have-you-done-your-homework? nazi. When daddy's not home she's mor elike whatever. Zz she only does it to show up for my daddy. ;(
  4. Rice she packs me is kinda .. <_<">
  5. When I go shopping with her she always embarrases me and it really just effing frustrates me. Seriously she's so fkn embarrasing.
  6. Nags.
  7. Says or does stupid stuff. Like reprimand me for jigging WHEN MY DAD'S IN THE HOUSE/APARTMENT. Farrrking hell. ;(
Other than that I love my parents LOL.


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