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*currently chewing gum mum got free from tafe*

Just a quick blog today before I go off and shower and do everything math related ;(.
I did my Macbeth speech today! Oh my god Mine was so average and mediocre compared to Neel and Hannah who totally kicked asscheeks. But then after Science Neel came up to me and told me my speech was good and me made me laugh LOLOL.

In Science we were doing this experiment outside with these rocket things right hehe. And 2 strange things (to me) happened.

  1. Robert hugged me -____- Yes Robert Pisani. I was all like, what the fuck, I was like so confused LOLOL. Gosh it was just so weird. Like one second I was like, I can't tan (I forgot what I said) and I was like bla bla and he's just like It's okay Yunnerz and he put is arms around me im like LOLLL GET OFF ME THIS FEELS WEIRD ==" And Alice was doing something so weird, like stepping in a puddle and writing "ALICE" with her footprints. But then the water ran out hehe XD
  2. George called me Yunnerz. That's so weird ): No one ever used to call me Yunnerz, I fucking swear only Jelliot called me that then suddenly the whole world knows the name, even people like Anna who live 3820204929km away. Well anyway George was aiming at me and he was all like, "Yunnerz, eight o clock!" And I was like ahh! and ran away :\ Hehe I'm sure he wouldn't have shot the rocket at me. It was foam anyway LOLOL.
Check out what I found whilst bludging in IST instead of my work~

After school Chin and I (Lynn had to go, almost met her mum?? LOL) hung out with Nathan, Ben, Ron, Colin and Jimmy and this other guy but they went to library and Ronjamin went to tutor so it was just me and Chin and Colin and William and Nathan. Did you guys know it's his birthday this wednesday?! How weird is that?!?! So many things are happening this Wednesday!

  • Nathans sixteenth birthday. What a motherfucking young one, like whatt.
  • William's parents come back home
  • Me and William's 8 months LOL. (Yes I'm sure you all care so much)
But yes that is basically what is happening yo. :) And after sushi train where we ate a little (the guys were starving themselves for Korean BBQ at 6 30) and William filled out Qin's Friendship Book, and he drew himself and it took so long -_______- Like it was a Godly drawing or something LMFOA. Joking hun :D

Anyways this has so not been a long blog. Ima go now and take my much wanted shower. BAI :)


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