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So I totally went shopping last night which was why I didn't update.

  • Books - Henderson's Boys, 1 and 2 by the author of the Cherub Series. Oh, fuck yeah~! I wasn't even aware that the second one was out, so I was pretty stoked. I bought this and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It's good.
  • New eyeliner, marfarkers. My old one was drying out because I lost the cap somehow but then I cut it and it still kinda worked hehe. :)
  • Tights - plain black ones and one wet-looking one from Supre. I had to try them on because my Mum was totally convinced that Medium was too small. -.-'
  • Lavender burning oil, tealight candles and a oil burning thingymajiggy!! Yay! I came home and immediately set them up and left them when I went to shower. When I came back my entire room stunk like lavender - O - Not stunk, but the smell was vair strong. It made me sleep so deeply, right through my alarm, I think. LOL the smell is still there in my room.
  • Shit. Is that it? oO

Anywho I had a good time shopping with my mum last night, twas not as bad as my past experiences. My mum still treats me like a kid which absolutely irritates me to no end. -.- But I won't blog about that now haha.

Anyhows today was a pretty megafun day!! :):) After school Qin and I went to eat at Amigos for a change (because I was craving spag bol at lunch XD) and then Ben and Nathan came. Then Ron called up to come meet us before his haircut and we told him we were at Miss Saigon and laughed at him when he went in LOL! We did it to Andrew afterwards and he got so pissed at Ben LMFAO. I kept fucking hurting Nathan, he like, didn't talk for the whole day. ): LOL I'm really sorry DDDD: hehe ^_^"

K what else.. Well today was just a fairly good day, except I didn't see William and Lynn (again). Get better you fucking negroes. ;(

Tomorrow is Ron+Ben's birthday party thingo! I hope it will be fun

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