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Mood: Pretty stoned nd tired LMAO.. And hungry

Kay well, today was the day for Ben and Ron's bday outing. But we seriously had jackshit to do -.-' we only spent like 2 hours or whatever with them and Anna had to leave before the actual fkn party began.. zz that sucks.. But the outing was supposed to be a movie (terminator), K and eating @ some japanese restaurant but I already watched terminator and I had to go home after K because supposedly I couldn't walk straight and William felt ill so yeah me Q and W went home. -.-' Lame, I wanted to stay for dinner but oh well haha. Daddy's not home so that's a good thing. (y)

I drank half a bottle of Midori and then I went like so fucking red .. like so so so red. I looked at myself in the mirror (walked into the boys toilet accidentally..) and I was like an effing beetroot, except beetrots are purple which is like wat. ;( Farrr. But K was so fun! HEHEHEH everyone sung, like everyone. it was like a big big chorus/choir and I really enjoyed myself hehe. But Colin's friend Annie (aka T-Pain?) got like so like.. drunk or tipsy or whatever .. :\ I tried to get her to drink some water but she only drank like a sip. Lawls I stopped after like 1 bottle ish so yeah but then it turns out that I'm not the best at handling my alcohol .. -.- I was stumbling a little bit and when I asian squatted I fell haha. And I like, slept/rested on the bus quite peacefully which is weird because I never do that so I must have been quite tired. ?_?

Anyways, Karaoke was really fun (it was so short tho.. wtf) and I really really - wat was I saying .. I really.. Oh yeah! I really really liked I Love You, Man. At first I was pretty sceptic of the movie but FUCK LOLOLOL I FUCKING CRACKED UP LIKE BAAAAALLLS.

Anytits my dumplings are ready so ima go eat now. BYE :) (Y) Stay ku everyone LMAO.


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