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Mood: Song is sad ):
Music: Superhuman, Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson

Today I took the train to chinese school and I met Ron and Ben hehe. This is how conversation went.
*Ron and Ben pass me*
Jess: *eating hash brown*
Ron??: Hey, what you doing here?
Jess: Chinese school, you?
Ron??: City
Jess: Oh okay, bye :)
Ben??: Laters *wave*
And that is what happened. (Oh but according to William it was for some business thing LOL)

I actually got to chinese school on time this time ;( Totally sucks cause no one is there LOL. (No one as in Qin and Matt Lo get there at like 9am+) I should have stopped at GJ for a hot chocolate -_- Dengdeng came with a white chocolate moccha so that was okay. It was yummy. ♥ but hou fuu ar. :\

Hehe I'm listening to the music Cecil gave me, we kind of kept harrasing him when we all went to Joan's house LOL. You should see his room, there's papers and shit everywhere DD: God, I do not want to be in year 12. Seeing organised people like Cecil working so hard for something really freaks me out

Anyways I should fucking better start my Macbeth speech or else I am seriously literally fucked over. WISH ME LUCK, NEGROES.


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