23, Sydney AU


Mood: MASTERCHEF IS ON TV :) LOL the eggs had smiley faces

Today me, William, Kristy&Kelvin, James and Jake went to watch Terminator Salvation. Kristy kept fkn talking but it was okay hehe XD Afterwards though, I had go to straight to tutoring. John was so so pissed of today ): this kid Luke was sent out of the room TWICE, amounting to more than half the lesson. I felt so sorry for him, having to pay money for nothing wor. D:

Anyways, I felt so sleepy in class and I kept losing focus and yawning and shit - O - farking me. LOL. I'm still tired. ;( Not even paying attention to Masterchef LIKE WHATTT.

Anyways after tutoring Kristy filled in Qin's friendship book and we all LOLed. :D Whee, I dun feel like blogging wor. ):


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