23, Sydney AU


Mood: FKN.

I MISS WILLIAM. -____________- AND I MISS - what else do I miss? I miss my sleep. Fuck I slept all day today, in every single lesson -.- And if I wasn't sleeping I was pretending to do work, reading my book or eating (lawlz).

Fucking miss miss miss that faggot. ;(

Eenyways, today was actually pretty mad hehe. At lunchtime the group played Sardines (yay! got the name right XP) and I was always the one who found the person first HOHOHO. Who's great. :) And Dr Du was good too in a way, Ron&Ben walked us to Du and then we quoted She's the Man which was fun.

Dinner was fun too (even though I was all like I miss that fag's lame jokes etc) and me and Qin cracked up LOLLLLLLLLL.

OOOH Also in Science we did this Balloon experiment which was fun~! LOL I so love Elise HAHAHA. ♥

I miss that son of a bitch.


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