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Mood: Cold LOL.

Fucking awesome day today haahah :DD Me, Jake, Lynn, Qin, Alice and then a little later Lorraine and Sandy all installed ourselves at Joan's place today and hung out in which we ate, talked, hid, searched, laughed and cried. LOL joking, we didn't cry. But we did everything else.

LOL we started out watching Family Guy for a while (it was that disgusting episode where freaking Chris gets a talking pimple.. -__-) and then we went down to eat Joan's mum(?)'s yummy noodles. We then played Charades (Alice was so pro at that game) until it was time to eat again where we ordered Pizza XD Mm chicken kickers.

We all played salami - fuck, Sardines - after food and I especially liked the part when Lynn hid in Joan's closet and me and Qin saw her and hid with her LOLOL. WE literally couldn't stop laughing XD Jake was pretty cool when he led Sandy away from us when he found out where we were hiding but then he kept doing it so no one trusted him when he said where some ppl were etc HAHAA. Then again, reverse psychology :\ Eenyways. During this time Lorraine had to leave but we kept playing etc etc. When Alice's mum came to pick her up we kind of stopped and started playing I Spy instead where Jake said Marley & Me for fucking EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM OK.

Lynn: "I spy with my little eye, something that begins with C."
Everyone: "Chair! Chandelier! Chimney!"
Jake: "Marley and Me!!"
And he kept doing it etc. And Sandy did some seriously weird ones like, "Wallet?" when the letter was P or whatever. All in all it was a great day ;) Joan served us some yummy juice which I bought when I went home HAHAHAH. Apple and mango (y)

Also, as a last note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY :) What a young one! Fifteen, hehehe. I hope you had a good bday today [:

♥ ♥ ♥

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