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LOL today was quite fun LOL. I was late for tutoring because I hadn't done all my homework yet so I came like fifteen minutes late and some dude was sitting in my seat so I was all like what is this. ;( Well anyways today was not a good day at Du ): Oh well whatevers. Lynn still looked so sickly and pale and FUCK SHE GREW. MAN SHE LOOKS LIKE A STICK NOW, SO TALL AND SKINNY This reminds me of the days when Sunny got sick and he lost 6kg. Srly if I lost that much weight every time I was sick I'd prob WANT to get sick. All worth it dohoho.

Anyfags, after tutor I hung out with Kristy Kelvin Jake Joan (LULZ) Chin and .. yeah after Du and we went to eat sushi train one last time before it closed down. ): RIP SUSHI TRAINNN. WE'LL MISS YOU DEARLY. *moves straight on to Ella's* LOL K ANYWAY.

I went to William's house and it was raining which sucked ): Ate some of the nuggets I bought him (since he had garlic bread on his table) and then I stayed for dinner and I fucking swear to god, Nellie and William arguing is like the funniest thing ever.

Nellie: Willl, hurry up and get your L's for gods sake!
William: You're a L! (yes he said you're a L)
Nellie: No, I'm a P. Geez you're so weird. <_<"
William: Your mum's weird.
Nelie: Mummy William called you weird~!
William's mum: Ayah, William!
Jess: *almost spitting out her food trying to laugh silently*

Afterwards William's mum drived me home and William showed me this song (below) and it was sweet. D:

William's mum came in randomly and gave William clothes to take to the snow and fuck he looked so funny!! My only regret was not taking a photo. ): Sigh seriously he put this beanie on that was too small for him and his mum called him Where's Wally LOOOOOOOL.

Ahhhh, man. Good times.


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