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Watching: So you think you can dance

Hehe I took a nap and now I feel up to blog HEHEH. Basically this morning I went to the city with Michelle, Lynn, Terry and Jwang cos wer fuckn G :) LOL nah jokez, it's Michelle's last weekday at Australia for five weeks because she's going to Shanghai (and maybe HK ): ): so jealous) so we went to the movies and hungggggg out.

Watched Transformers 2.. Fah ==' I fucking slept through half of it and my Caramel Hot Chocolate (mm Starbucks XD) made me go piss fucking three times in the movie. THREE. That's like crazy, right. I swear my bladder went like haywire. Anyways after fifty years of deciding, we went and took-away Pizza Hut and walked to Central Park(aka Hobo Park according to Johnwang :L) for a while and just sat there and ate and it was nice. :) And because they're gay bastards they made me walk all the way up to Town Hall to get those 30cm icecreams but the dude wasn't there and we waited fifty years for him and we were going to leave but then he came right at that second we almost walked out of the shop. -_- I bought a magnum and felt queasy afterwards ):

Afterwards, Terry had to leave and I bought my frankie hehehe :) The poster looks so pretty this issue! Anyways we had a pretty good talk on the train (H). Probably the only time we actually communicated properly, hahaha. We then hung out at Miss Saigon with - surprise, surprise!! Sunny and Kelvin and Philli and just acted retarded and stuff. :) Ron thought we were tricking him when he told us we were in Saigon HAAAHAHAHAH 8D

Anyhows no one wanted to hug me today. I was so sad ): ): ): Tried to hug John wang and the motherfucker pushed me off. == Well I don't like you either. = O = LOL jokes.. (not like he reads this anyway)

williamhun is back! ^_^ Seeing him tmr lah :D

P.S. OH YEAH MICHAEL JACKSON DIED. How quickly news travels! It's a shame, because he seemed so invincible, like he woudl always be there. He was a really big icon and inspiration to a lot of people (so I've been told.. twice) so yeah, kinda sucky he had to go that way :s Anyways REST IN PEACE MARRFUCKER.

P.P.S. I bet Billie Jean WAS his lover. Aheeheehee!

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