23, Sydney AU


LMAO Damian did the funniest thing in his speech today.

"...soemthignsomething Macbeth is the heir to the throne...somethingsomething"

cept he said it as "hair" LOLLLLLL.

And in History today, we had a sub and he was so fucking nice ;( Qin and John Wang and me were being retarded at the back of the class and he didn't even like do anything. Seriously he was so nice ): and some girls tricked him into thinking school ended at 3 so we all left.. And MR EDWARDS CAUGHT US. He was all like, who let you out, etc etc. And Janderson told him and he's like okay and he let us go.

Fuck!!!! *freaking out*

Me adn Qin felt so fucking horrible ;( He was literally the nicest sub ever (2293929209329202020x nicer than stupid faggot lady) and he was probably going to get fired from our stupid stupid class. ):

Fucking shitfuck it's cold.

At tutoring today, I sent in my incompleted-but-did-too-much-hw-at-the-same-time homework in. AND I GOT A B PLUS!! And this is the best, best bit.

I beat Miss Sydney Girls at Maths.. And I didn't even do half the homework.
I GOT 70% SHE GOT 63%.


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