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SO Colinbear is totally my new best friend after today LOLOLOL. I found out he likes Mulan, Arthur, some other shit (I forgot) and this is the best part, HES MOTHERFUCKING LEFT HANDED LIKE WHATTT. I fucking know right. (Although his parents forced him to write with his right hand, he does everything else with his left -.- w/e still counts) This is so mad. Seriously. I always thought I would be just tagging along while Qin and William talk about their Family Guy or Dare Devil or whatever but NOW I HAVE FOUND A FRIEND.

Life is good

Hehe, anyways, my fingers right now are so damn cold I think they will drop off. ): FKN SERIUOSLYYY. D: Goddammit. -_____- I also have some stupid Macbeth English Speech that's due by Monday, yes, Monday, I am so fucked. I even had to cancel my date with William this Saturday (because last week we just ended up hanging out with everyone else hehe)

Anyways Lorraine hasn't been at school for ages now, I hope she comes soon :):) Sandy is getting lonered in Science etc LOLOL. McStooge says she won't wear Pink for tomorrow (Breast Cancer Foundation day thingy~) and she's gonna wear PE uniform LOL. Oh well we'll be looking sexy and she's just going to be in bum green LOL. [:

Pictionary in Geography was fucking fun today!

P.S. Hi Jake LOL
P.P.S. Mia is such a darling. Her msn name was "ssej yli xx aim". NGAWW!! I LOVE YOU TOO HEHEHE

Yes as you may have noticed I've used like shitloads of emoticons this post as a tribute to JENNIEH ;) LOL. She gave me almost all of my missing and most needed emoticons. THANKS DARLING :L


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