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Couldn't resist sharing this photo with you guys D:

Oh my god, I totally forgot to bitch (wtf I sound so fucking blonde)
For Science we had a sub, Mrs Tagg*t. Let me just say that her name rhymes with Faggot and Maggot. Anyways, she was being so hilariously frustrating ==' All like, I have reports to write and I've only done three in twenty minutes. If I had a dollar for the times she said that in like one minute I'd probably have like .. I don't know $5 or something LOL. Anyway the point is she was being so fkn liaghalfksjafla!! And we weren't even talking LOUDLY. It was jut sort of queit, idle chatter and she goes off like we just set a bomb or something.
Also, DM and SD who sit behind me were chattering away. But they were doing it really annoyingly, sort of like this background buzzing that you just could not ignore. Like a really loud fly or some-fucking-thing like that. I full glared at them and DM had the freaking gall to ask "Why did you just look at us like that?" As if she didn't know. Goddamn.

I'm tired dudes. Night.

P.S. Another shit thing. Because of my computer I now must install back my Favourites WHICH INCLUDE MY AWESOMO EMOTICONS THANKYOU VERY MUCH. I'm so lazy, though ):

Tell me. What sounds better for Alice&my blog? Alica or Acid-juice? .__. (ALICA ALICA ALICA)


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