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Jam-packed day today!
  • I was up till 12 texting William last night so when I woke up I really, really didn't want to get out of bed. ;( Fuck it was so comfortable lor :\ Then I didn't have any time to buy breakfast and I was seriously fucking tired as shit. Lynn was sick so she wasn't on the train ): ): ngaw, get better honey hehe.
  • This morning, woke up at 7 45 and I texted William a happy eight months. :) Hehe he was getting ready to go pick his parents up from airport cos they went overseas for two months. It was so nice to see them back again ^_^
  • What else? Oh, yes. It was fucking freezing today ;( raining so much leh. And I had no money ): ): ): Fucking whattt. We didn't get our math results back and I coudl barely keep my eyes open when Reedman was teaching us about parabolas. Even though we learnt it in Dr. Du, he teaches it kinda differently so I'm all lost D:
  • I felt so sick/dizzy/unwell today whilst on the bus to Aquarobics, but once I got in the pool it was okay. Goddamn our instructor made us do so much running/walking etc ;( Farking meee. I tried not to get my hair wet today but of course I failed = v =" Hehe water loves me. And I love it ♥
  • Afterwards me and Qin went to William's house (after stopping by Donghae and buying like everything in that store). I fucking stacked it. So embarrasing -__________-
  • Got to his house, his parents were home! Hehe his mum gave me a hug :3 She's so nice omgd. She bought me a necklace and other stuff ): Aww I love her ^^ THANKS AH YI LOL.
  • Q and I ate Migoreng and I tried to verse wg in sf4. Err, FAILKTHX. Zzz. Whatever, I would totally own him in.. in.. idk.. blogskinning.. or something.. fuck. ;( Whatever I know I would own him in something okay.
  • Chin left and William and I watched Batman :) I so love the Joker, he is so awesum. But slightly retarded. D:
  • William's dad absolutely insisted that he drove me home. He thought I was gonna get raped or something D: LMAO. He's so cute nd goofy in his own way HEHE. :)

And that concludes my day

Also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NATHAN! Fucking 17 what the fuck is that -.-' Fkn old ppl these days. Hehe jokes, HAPPY BDAE MR I-ALREADY-DRIVE :)

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