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Mood: GAY.

Much to rage about today.

First off, I grabbed a 'rise' this morning and it made me effing cold so now I'm coughing and I have a sore throat and everything. Fucking annoying. Then, in Japanese, I got kicked off the computer for 'not doing my work' and got my iPod confiscated. Well other people were playing their fucking CS and listening to their iPods and it seems so unfair that I freaking happened to be in his freaking line of vision. Fucking so unfair. Seriously I rekon he favours his better students like Jamie even though they do jackshit. -_______-

Whatever, it's not like I care for his class anyway. And idc if he finds this fkn blog because this is my blog and I'm allowed to say whatever I want about it.


Also gained 1kg. I'm so fucked up ;( Godddd freakingg. If tomorrow's not fun I'm shanking someone up the asshole.

EDIT @ 5:30 pm
On the other hand, though, Qin spent the whole lunchtime looking at the school photos in the office until we got kicked out. XD That was probably the highlight of my whole day, hahaha. Man, the laughs I have with her.

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