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After school I walked slowly back up to top school for detention (which included Bo and Liam from year 9, Sarah B and two year 12 girls). Safe to say I think I had the literal time of my life up there. No sleeping, reading, writing, talking or sitting next to anyone for 40 minutes? LOVED IT.

After that was done I walked with Bo back up to the station (see I'm making new friends LOL) and caught the train with Terry, Janderson and Pisani who were in Concert Band or something and they had a competition in the city. Good luck guys :) I hope you win us something

When I got back at Du, I told the office ladies that I had a "meeting at school that was changed from lunchtime to after school" and yah. I was 20 mins late ): ): Luckily all I missed was the test DOHOHOHO. Anyway, when I walk into class everyone's quiet and doing their quiz etc etc and I ask Helen (my tutor teacher) if she knows why I was late and she's like, "yeah you had cross country..?"

Tis all Qin's fault. Freaking telling the teacher something embarrasing -.- She was going to say Mathletes or the like environmental group or something <_< Ahhh well. Anyways, Helen told us we didn't actually have to bring our textbooks to tutoring so LOL sucked into those who had to lug it around all day XD Teehee.

AQUAROBICS TOMORROW. I hate our sports teacher -.- Wata bitch.


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