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Currently typing this crap at the library.

Hurstville Library, that is. Not school library hahaha. They block sites like this, I checked. Basically didn't feel up for school today so I left at Jannali and went straight back to Hurstville. I mucked around at Westfield until 11 when I went home and discovered that I had forgotten my keys in my other bag, since i changed this morning because ce my other bag is sand-infested from yesterday. When I realised this, I thought "oh that's okay, I'll just ask my cousin who lives near me for the keys." But then I remembered that she had moved and I never got the chance to go over to her house. Oh my god, you can imagine my grief. Seriously. I had walked so much and my arm was literally killing me so bad since I had a packed day today so my bag was really heavy AND I needed to piss so I had to walk to the station, chuck a piss and walk to the library.

Goddamnnnn. Now I'm waiting for William to finish school cause he finishes earliest & is the closest (it's now 11:43 - I have like three hours or w/e to kill..) but until then, I'm going to chill out at the library, reading and whatnot.

So I have this theory that God only gives you bad days to balance some really really good days to come, or good days that have already passed, but Goddamnnn. -__________- How much more shit can happen? I hope things look up soon.

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