23, Sydney AU


This morning Lynn Jee jee jee jee baby came over quite early when I was still in my PJs yo and thus we both caught the early train to school :) Tracey was there which was really weird because that meant she was one period late for school as we caught the 9 45 train, but we had a chat about 2-3U mathematics and whether I should do it or whatever etc. History test started and I fucking failed that so bad but I DONT CARE BECAUSE I'M NOT DOING IT NEXT YEAR!

Pingpong was so fun :D Playing Truth, discussing "50 Deaths of Belle", playing pingpong with Qin and even arguing with Jamie was sort of fun. But then afterwards when I called his name the fagnut didn't answer. <_< William dear was on the train and then I finally went to send the book to Anna~ Man I hope I got the address right.. o_o"

2 more exams to go, woo! Geography and Jap (so many notes + epic, epic fail.)

P.S. So like, I just asked Anna. Turns out I sent it to 65 instead of 62. Fuck.


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