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HI NOOBS, no talk for.. two days :) :) I know you all missed me, HAHAAH. ;) Anyhows. What was I doing yesterday you may ask :) I'll tell you what. Fucking studying for mathematics, that's what. AWMAGAWSH. So glad that they actually gave us like half an hour more for this maths test, I really needed it ><" I hadn't realised how many friggn mistakes I made till now. Plus I studied my tits off for it leh.

So today was IST (which was bullshit) and Maths (which I'm pretty confident I'll get like 70). Afterwards Qin and I headed home to do our homework (productively!) and watch Boys over Flowers. I'm totally loving Ga Eul and .. whats that other guy ;__; But yeah they're fucking cute ^^

Tutoring + Sushi was fucking funnyyyyy. Cept that creepy creepy Dr Du secretary lady kept coming in to spy on us like a freaking Nazi which freaked us out. And we discovered something in class which made me wow O_O cos I didn't think of it at first so I was like whuttttt. And sushi was just a laugh cause Sexy Super Sophisticaed William was there LOL. (It was just the shirt and the watch) Anyway he made me smile like a fucker :) <3.


Also, that godforsaken whirring noise is gone now! Yessss. It was so freaking loud the last couple of nights, I seriously couldn't sleep and even had to move to my other bedroom which used to be like all covered with my shit. But now there isn't anything to keep me from my big big doublebed anymore <3


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