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Fuck yeah! Okay, watch me attempt to record my day:

Last night my dad went a bit crazy and chucked my poor poor speakers on the floor again. ): Ayor. I really hope they work but I'm so afraid they dont that I don't want to try LOL. Then I spent the night taking all the pictures off my wall, but I plan to scan some more when I'm bothered. :) Lalala.

When I woke up, bla bla took off my old Frankie calendar and tacked up my new one.. I accidentally wrote Lorraine's birthday on the 14th of June, oops, sorry. Hehehe. Then I met up with William♥ and we just bummed around Hurstville for a short period of 45 minutes ): Ate KFC et cetera (I'm so fucking ashamed of myself TT^TT) and then I had to run off to tutoring. I finally bought my pacers! :D And a Strawberry lollypop. Mmmm. <3

Tutoring was such.a.laugh. LOL! We had new kids in our class and this St George chick sat between me and Lynn and John was in such a good mood teaching our class and everything, and the fucking funniest kid is in our Dr Du english, oh my freaking gosh. He's so damn funny, HAHAAH. Man you gotta be there.
Teacher: *writes an example on the board* Let's say all men are mortal.
Michael: What about God? Hah, yeahh. (H)
Class: *cracks up, Qin & I the loudest*
Teacher: But God is not man! We're talking about mortals!
Michael: What about Buddha?
He's even funnier in real life because he's sort of like, actual FOBby (haha Fobby) and he's got this accent which makes him so much funnier. And his aura is just so comical XDD

Anyways, the class was really fun cause we had new people and thus JOhn made it a funny and educational good class. :) I love how whenever we go for English classes we always end up with a new perspective on life, aka. philosophy :) 'Cept whenever I think of philosophy I think of Greek people and Elvis Presley ;_;

Oh, forgot to mention this :D There's a new shop open like right next to Morning Glory! Me and Qin ventured in and found soooo much good stuff. Like, this pillow that doubles as speakers and sort of plays you to sleep, and paperclip bathtubs and Korean toners and whitening mist. Oh.my.god. Man I hope they don't go away. I'm seriously so obsessed with having white skin now -_- Fuckk. ):

Then I cut my fringe blah blah blah and I kind of made Qin walk home. LOL she was going to anyway, she just needed a nudge in the right direction :) And when I was walking back up my street the sky was seriously the prettiest colour and it was so nice and I really enjoyed how nature looked in that moment ^^ I love for moments like these. ♥

Ho hum. English exam tomorrow ):

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