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So today instead of hanging out with F4 and Qin, it was just Qin and I ): ): Quite a disappointment, since I was totally looking forward to eating Pancakes @ the Rocks and watching Monsters vs. Aliens. But oh well, we had a pretty good time nonetheless :) Firstly we headed to PepperLunch where we laughed about Russel Peters. "Shi shu, shi shi shuu you son of a bitch!" (He's imitating Asians LOL) Then we headed off to Caps to take caps again. :) :) :) Checkittt.

(I look white here and I LOVE it)

After Caps we went to sing Karaoke (yes, just me and Qin) and we dueted YEAH! (Qin's man styool) and it was fun fun fun :) Except whenever we sang embarrasingly people always walked past which was lame LOL. We took luvos in the toilet ;)

DOHOHO Isn't Qin pretty :) (ie. I photoshopped her)

We decided to head home after Karaoke but stopped at Maccas first, where we realised upon ordering that Qin had no money left for her ticket home. So we rang Ron who was bored out of his mind also in the city to come and give Qin some cash. :)
Ron: Qin, you look the same in every photo.
Jess: Well, it IS the same person, so like, you know.
Qin: Woeee, man!
He came and then another drama came up so we went to meet our friend to chat a little while about his girl troubles~ Then, FINALLY, we went home :)

I still want to watch Monsters vs. Aliens D:

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