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Today after tutoring (an eye-opening session, as usual.. Sad that Lynn had to miss it) we met up with Kristy and went to get my haircut, whence I discovered a card hidden in my book. :D Hehe it was my birthday card from Jake "a bit late, sorry" LOL. I'll say. Talk about so late that it was Qin's birthday when I got it haha, but better late then never. :)

And as for my haircut? Lets just say I look like Spork. Or whatever his name is. You know, that guy from Star Trek. For Christ's sake. I told Michelle (from Michelle Hair Story) to cut my fringe short but not THIS short.

Ayor, whatever. And tomorrow Qin wants me to watch Observe and Report with her after school but I have fucking incomprehensible Dr Du homework to deal with. ): ): Not to mention I'm broke as shit.

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