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Mood: Zzz

Today was the worst day ever.
  1. I missed the train so I called up Lynn. Everyone got off the train and raged at me. (But we girls don't rage, we do it silently)
  2. It was effing windy, cold and freezing as I was only wearing one layer for the day. Never ever making that mistake again. -_-
  3. Ate the worst food today =='
  4. Walked a fuckload, v tired etc
  5. Just generally a bad day.

Fuck I really don't wanna go to dinner later for my mum. It's her "birthday". My ass it is. She has like fifty birthdays for fifty different calendars. Fucking. Her REAL birthday is 4th of June or something but she's not bothered going by that birthday because she's a true-blue Asian. Sigh. So tired leh.

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