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Check out my English the last coupla days.
(At Dr. Du)
J: This is parentalism!
L: You mean paternalism..
(a while later..)
J: This is very not fair, miss!
Q: You mean very unfair O_O"
Man. I'm so useless TT^TT Today I was taking my rice out of my bag and my spoon fell into the gutter ): And Jamie and his crew were there and there all started laughing at me and I had to go buy this stupid gay pindick plastic white spoon from the canteen which freaking cost me 10c -.- NOT WORTH IT YO. NOT WORTH IT. Then when we got back to topschool Jamie and co were being major major jerks -.-' Fuckingg. So angry leh. ;(

Anyways, on a happier note after school I met up with William :) Didn't do much today, but oh well. I went grocery shopping with him and he's such a good person to shop with! LOL he found everything I couldn't find and helped me be as cheap as possible etc. I love you darlinggg. ^_^ And when it comes down to it what matters is you ♥ ^_______^ (DOHOHO, I COULD DROWN YOU IN MY CORNYNESS.)

Also sorry to Joan, whose iTouch I scratched ): They're so much more fragile than the titanium (?) iPod nano I have :| Thought it would be totally fine in my bag but it cracked a little bit. ): So sorry ><" D:

It's our seven months in four days! Seems to have gone by so quickly. O_O


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