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Man it was cold today. I overslept this morning and slept during English and Commerce. Fuck -.- I swear the weather has something to do with our sleeping cycle leh. Even William was quite severely tired.

Mr Anderson has the most beautiful copy of Alice in Wonderland. The book looks pretty old cause all the pages are brown and yellow and such. I so adore vintage books like that! ♥ I haven't watched Masterchef in two days! I feel guilty, hahaha. Andrew + Ron hung out with Qin, Alice & I at like five o clock. That fucking kid makes me laugh like JACK XD Wanna know what Andrew looks like? Chekit.

Andrew Huynh


Did you know, billions of billions of years ago, you were a star? At lunch today, Qin was putting 5c's on the floor to see who would pick them up. But the canteen was so deserted ): LOL so Joan went and got it at the end of recess XD And Lynn called her a hobo. Or a cheapo I don't remember. Then there was also something else I was supposed to put on my blog but I forgot what it is.

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